Hypocrisy & maturity…hand in hand for the GOP

The Christian conservatives & other pro-‘family values’ chunks of the electorate have an interesting dilemma on their hands this year. Three of their main presidential candidates have been married several times for a grand total of 8 wives and they don’t all appear to . McCain’s been married twice. Giuliani is trying to spin his way out of his pro gay marriage, pro gun control, pro choice past (with a pictorial history of dressing in drag). Gingrich, though he hasn’t officially announced, has admitted to having an extramarital affair during the impeachment of Bill Clinton.


Should any of this matter?


Are conservatives who support the sanctity of marriage, yet endorse any of these three candidates, hypocrites? Cal Thomas argues they are not. They’ve grown up! Matured. Hmmm, read his column here.


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