Netroots take aim @ Fox News…again

Fresh off of killing the Democratic debate in Nevada, which was to be co-sponsored by FoxNews, netroot activists want more blood. According to Ben Smith’s blog over at, Color of Change,  an African American online activist group, will be asking the Congressional Black Caucus Institute not to partner with Fox in a debate.

 I can understand why the Democrats don’t like FoxNews, but this new strategy with Fox News is very lame. I think Bill Maher put it best.On monday night, he went on Larry King and was asked about the Nevada debate situation. Among the things he said was:

“Who cares what they’re mad at. Instead of withdrawing, which says to everybody in the country ‘Oh, typical Democrats. They don’t call people out, they just walk away. They don’t raise the bet.’ Go on there. It’s just Chris Wallace. If you can’t stand up to Chris Wallace, can you stand up to the  terrorists? Let alone the Republican party?”

Somebody had to say it.


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