Hillary supporters fire back at Barak for attack ad.

The pro-Clinton team apparently didn’t like the 1984 attack ad that was posted on Youtube over the weekend and have fired back at Barak with one of her own. As was suggested when her camp blasted Obama over David Geffen’s comments, someone over at camp Clinton is taking the senator from Illinois very seriously.

Who would have guessed that it would be Senator Clinton fighting off Barak Obama? While Hillary still leads all Democratic candidates in the polls, her team is seeming awfully paranoid to me.

Here’s the attack ad on Barak that has been posted on Youtube as retaliation for the Hillary1984 ad.

 While I like the footage they used of Senator Obama and the punchline at the end, did they have to do the same exact ad? Couldn’t they have found a more creative use to make their point? How about coming back with an even freakier video? A cynic would say that this kind of retaliation speaks to how Senator Clinton would run the country. ie: doing the exact same the other guy does, except a little different. Note to Clinton camp: some people actually want fresh ideas! Now keep the mud flowing.


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