‘Emergency’ wartime spending Bill includes…$74 million for peanut storage? $25 million for spinach growers? $16 million for office space?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s first real test as Speaker of the House of Representatives will come tomorrow as she tries to muscle through an emergency wartime spending bill that many people have a problem with for all sorts of reasons.

Whats the beef from the Republicans?:

Nearly all Republicans were expected to side with President Bush and oppose the bill, charging that its collection of military readiness conditions, Iraqi benchmarks and waivers amounts to “micromanagement” of the war. And the Republicans may attract the sympathies of a few conservative Democrats.

Whats the beef with Democrats?:

From the other side, at least a dozen liberal Democrats are attacking the measure for not doing enough to force an end to the war, despite the bill’s Aug. 31, 2008, deadline for U.S. withdrawal.

What’s the beef with common sense first kind of people?:

What’s with all that pork in the bill?  Why is this necessary?

Congress loads up $20 billion in pork 

From the article above:

That includes $74 million for peanut storage, $25 million for spinach growers and $100 million for citrus growers.

It also includes $16 million to convert the old Food and Drug Administration building in southwest D.C. into more office space for the Capitol. That “emergency” expenditure comes at a time when taxpayers already shell out $600 million “more than double the original estimate” for a mammoth expansion of the Capitol, which includes 160,000 feet of new office space.

After Nancy Pelosi said the Democrats “…intend to lead the most honest, most open and most ethical congress in history,” all this pork in an emergency wartime spending bill doesn’t really do much to help the party’s image. Weren’t the Democrats accusing Republicans of stuffing too much pork into spending bills not too long ago?

Speaker Pelosi’s got a big day tomorrow. Will she crash and burn and be forced into passing a ‘clean’ spending bill that doesn’t require troops to withdrawl? Or will she prove to be a fighter and get the bill passed just how she wants it?

We’ll update the situation tomorrow, but something tells me that no matter what happens, if changes are made, the pork probably stays.


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