Is DNC chairman Howard Dean planning a hit job on Hillary Clinton???

On her blog, Arianna Huffington claims she has discovered the person behind the “Hillary 1984” attack ad. She writes:

Well, today I can end the guessing. Last night, we sent out a challenge to the HuffPost team asking them to hit the phones and contact all their sources. As a result, we have learned the video was the work of Philip de Vellis, who was the Internet communications director for Sherrod Brown’s 2006 Senate campaign, and who now works at Blue State Digital, a company created by members of Howard Dean’s Internet Team.

A company created by members of Howard Dean’s internet team huh? Is Dean going after anyone he considers too centrist for his party? A cynic may argue Dean and Clinton are on the same team and Dean’s people put the video out to create as a way to make Barak Obama look and mean and earn some sympathy for Hillary. At this point, I don’t know but nothing would surprise me.

Dean’s netroots people are very anti-war and some Democrats are just hysterical over anyone they consider is not doing enough to stop the war effort. Slaughtering one of their own isn’t out of the question.

*Look at post above


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