The hits for Alberto Gonzales keep coming

NY Times: Gonzales Met With Advisers on Dismissals

WASHINGTON, March 23 — Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales and senior advisers discussed the plan to remove seven United States attorneys at a meeting last Nov. 27, 10 days before the dismissals were carried out, according to a Justice Department calendar entry disclosed Friday.

The previously undisclosed meeting appeared to contradict Mr. Gonzales’s previous statements about his knowledge of the dismissals. He said at a news conference on March 13 that he had not participated in any discussions about the removals, but knew in general that his aides were working on personnel changes involving United States attorneys.

The press isn’t about to let this scandal die down as more and more information keeps coming about the case. With the democrats in both senate and house approving subpoenas of top white house officials despite a warning from president Bush, and the house approving the wartime bill that would have troops out by september 2008 despite a veto threat from the president, will Gonzales be fed to the wolves to calm things down for the white house? The odds of reading about the president ‘reluctantly’ accepting his letter of resignation seems to be improving daily.

On another note, here is Bill Kristol’s bizarre take on the Gonzales situation. It seems he believes the Democrats are going after Gonzales to avoid the country learning about the progress in Baghdad.

In order to preserve the cosmic harmony, it seems the gods insist that good news in one place be offset by misfortune elsewhere. It may well be that Gen. David Petraeus is going to lead us to victory in Iraq. He is certainly off to a good start. If the karmic price of success in Iraq is utter embarrassment for senior Bush officials in Washington, D.C.–well, in our judgment, the trade-off is worth it. The world will surely note our success or failure in Iraq. It will not long remember the gang that couldn’t shoot straight at the Justice Department–or, for that matter, the antics of congressional Democrats–unless either so weakens the administration as to undercut our mission in Iraq.


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