The fairness doctrine

This sunday, while talking to Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday”, Senator Diane Feinstein opened up a can of worms when asked about ‘the fairness doctrine’. She said,

“Well, I’m looking at it, as a matter of fact, Chris, because I think there ought to be an opportunity to present the other side. And unfortunately, talk radio is overwhelmingly one way.”


“I remember when there was a fairness doctrine, and I think there was much more serious correct reporting to people.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the fairness doctrine, here’s a few links to take a look at that may help familiarize you with the subject.

Fairness Doctrine. By The Museum of Broadcast Communications

The Fairness Doctrine, How we lost it, and why we need it back. By Steve Rendall

Why The Fairness Doctrine is Anything But Fair. By Adam Thierer 


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